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Bolod's Tours & Guesthouse

Дэлхийн монголчуудад зориулж үйл ажиллагаа явуулдаг Болодын тэргүүн нүүрэнд байгаа мэдээлэл миний анхааралыг татлаа.

Монгол хувь хүмүүс , олон нийтийн байгууллага, бизнэсийн байгууллагууд ашиг сонирхолоо нэгтгэж байж , бидний чин хүсэл бүрдэх юм.
Дэлхийн монголчууд нэгдэгтүн .
Dear Guest,

Sain bainu?/ "Are you fine?"/. Ta saikhan namarjij bainu?/"Are you having a good autumn ?"
It's me, Bolod, a Mongol man who runs a tour operator-the Bolod's Tours and Guesthouse in Mongolia.

Thank you for visiting my live website! It's about Mongolia and the Mongols.

Welcome to the ancestral heartland for more than 12 mln. Mongols who live now in 8 countries/Mongolia/2.7mln/, China/6.0mln/, Afghanistan/2.5-3.0mln/, Russia/0.8mln/, Iran, Burma, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan/. ...If we can bring Mogholis, Kalmyks and those Hazaras who are clearly of Mongol descent and who want it themselves, back to the central land of their ancestors ?! They wouldn't be coming to Mongolia as refugees, they will be here at home ! ... If Astana is bringing the Kazaks from different countries to Kazakhstan in order to make their country stronger, why Ulaanbaatar wouldn't consider to do the same?! We have enough land for everybody who wants to settle in the ancestor's land. UN should help us too. When Soviet Union ended up with the splits, Germany has received ethnic Germans from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other former republics too. Remember, Turkey received ethnic Turks from Bulgaria when Todor Jivkov changed his mind towards them. Russia welcomes more and more ethnic Russians from the post-Soviet countries to settle in their country.

We, the Mongols are even more separated than the ill-fated Kurdish people. Do we know any person, any family or any nation who is happy for being separated ?!

We invite you to visit the country and its people. You will be visiting a people with centuries-old nomadic lifestyle, listening to the absolute silence and breathing the purest ever air and seeing the eternal blue sky dominating over this beautiful land on Central Asian plateau:

green taiga forests, the second largest fresh water lake in Siberia, ancient burials, icy streams of crystal clear rivers, in its north,
two-humped camels, towering sand dunes, green oases with saksaul trees, rocky mountains in scarsely green plains, natural formations of cliffs... in its South,

endless steppes, homeland of best horses, bird gathering at blue lakes, fishing rivers, numerous gazelles, volcanic craters... in its East,

snow capped mountains, great lakes, rock paintings, steep canyons, yak herds and massive sand dunes, mountain and field caves ... in its West!

Discover Mongolia with Bolod's Tours which operates since 1991! Stay comfortably in Bolod's guesthouses operate since 2000! It's a truly experienced native tour operator and guesthouse reccommended by Lonely Planet's "Mongolia" guidebook of 2001/page 139/ and 2005/pages 69, 72/ and its "Trans Siberian Railway" of 2006/p. 263/, "Mongoru"/in Japanese/ by Globe-Trotter/ of 2007-2008/page 56/, "Mongolie" by Petit Fute of 2008-2009/page 86/and on the the official tourism website of Mongolia.

What's now the situation with Mongolia's tourism like? As Mr. Davaadorj Ts, the Minister of the Manufacturing and Trade admitted on October 2nd, 2007, on TV, "-Now, most foreign tourists enter and leave Mongolia by foreign-owned airlines or trains, stay at foreign-owned accommodations, eat at foreign restaurants and travel with foreign tour companies". It's true, indeed, nowdays.

This country doesn't need foreign investments in fields where the Mongols are capable or must do businesses themselves. What kind of foreign investments does Mongolia indeed need? The country needs foreign investment in manufacturing and technology most!!! Mongolia's rulers must serve in the interests of their own people.

I'm almost one of patriots who want to remain in this last homeland instead of emigrating abroad as too many Mongols do so. Exodus of its young population and export of its women are the greatest threats to the further existense of Mongols as a nation...
Nationwide mining boom and gold rush are the greatest threat to Mongolia's nature... The gold may feed the people for 50 years, while preserved Nature-Mother would be able do it for another 5000 years.
Thank you for taking your time visiting my modest website.
I will keep my website live and constantly updated.

Мэдээлэлийн эх сурвалж энд дарна уу

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